Scuba diving and water sport packages in Malvan

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Malvan is famous for its water activities, Scuba diving in Malvan as well as having a long coast and lively nightlife. The ideal spot to have fun and relax is a must-visit for those who love adrenaline and want to experience the excitement and fun of water sports like jet skiing, parasailing, and diving. It is essential to immerse yourself in the ocean if you wish to enjoy the most enjoyable time of your life. You’ll take home a backpack packed with memories.

Diving in Malvan

Enjoy Scuba Diving, where you can interact with marine creatures and feel honored to be in the depths of the ocean that is an experience unusual experience. You will be guided by expert guides who guide you through the stunning and exotic corals, as well as living things below the surface of the ocean.

Package for Water Sports

You can join to participate in Banana Ride, Parasailing, Jet Skiing, Kayaking, Speed Boat Ride, and Wake Boarding as well as Scuba Diving.

Cost of a combination package

The cost will be affordable when you select a package that includes both water sports and diving. Scuba diving and water sports cost $2999 for a person (as of July 2022).

  • Banana ride

One of the most thrilling and thrilling rides you can ever take will be the banana ride. It is one of the bumpiest rides on an inflatable banana boat that can hold up to five persons. This activity is regularly rewarded with praise because it’s an extremely well-liked water sport. details about Banana Ride Bananas, baby!

  • Parasailing

One of the most useful technological advances, parasailing lets the user experience a temporary imitation of the flight of birds. First, you set off on a boat to explore the waters and, after being attached to the boat with the harness, you take off for this airborne adventure across the ocean.

  • Water skiing

When you go on a Jet Ski on the waves of the ocean it will make your heart race. A few of the cherished memories that come from jet skis are the sensation of the ocean splashing in your face, and the wind blowing your hair.

  • Kayaking

Kayaking in Goa’s backwaters can make you feel refreshed rejuvenated, content, and satisfied. When you participate in this sport, you can stroll through the tranquil, peaceful waterways while admiring the tall mangroves stunning sunset views, old forts, and a picturesque perspective of Goa.

  • Take a cruise on a speedboat

There aren’t many water-based activities in Goa that rival the thrill of a speedboat ride when you’re looking for speed. An exciting and enjoyable hobby is taking an excursion on a speedboat with your friends on the sea’s waves.

  • Wakeboard

Combining snowboarding, water skiing, and surfing into a fun leisure activity. While you break waves, step onto the single board. If you can control your body’s angle, weight and balance, you’re ready to go. Try a wakeboard ride.

Booking Information and Included


Starting at beginning at. 2399 per person

8:30 a.m. until 5:45 p.m.

Continuity Months:

The season for diving in Malvan starts at the beginning of September and runs until the close of May.


Pickup and drop off in an AC vehicle from the Hotel

approximately 10-15 minutes of training

A dive into the open ocean with instructions. (20 min. approx.)

Equipment leasing

Lunch (Vegetarian/Non-Vegetarian) and South Indian breakfast

Videos & Photos

What can you anticipate?

  • It is strictly not permitted to drink alcohol-related substances during the tour, which includes alcohol.
  • Make sure you take a comfortable set of extra clothes, sturdy walking footwear, sunblock sunglasses, and an appropriate bathing suit.
  • Lunch and breakfast (vegetarian or non-vegetarian) are available for breakfast and lunch (vegetarian or not).
  • Non-swimmers can participate in the various activities of this tour and have a blast. Children who are over 12 can participate.

Diving certification

It is possible to obtain a Scuba Diving certificate in addition to experiencing a safe and enjoyable experience. The training for testing is for around a week before receiving your certificate. The minimum age required for Scuba Diving training is ten years old. Check to see if you have any heart problems like heart disease or lung problems.

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